Surprise your mate with the Algarve skyline will be unforgettable for both you.
Hire a Photographer in Albufeira for a Surprise Wedding Proposal means to capture that beautiful moment and you can live it again any time you take a look to the Pictures.
Algarve proposal photographer
Is Algarve a good place to propose?

Many people wonder if Algarve is a good place for a Surprise Wedding Proposal and the answer is absolutely YES!!

Algarve have the most romantic beaches in the world that gives every Wedding Proposal an incredible and unforgettable setting surrounded by pure romance.

Women or Man who are lucky enough to receive the proposal in Algarve with a Professional Surprise Proposal Photographer who captures the precious Photos of the Surprise Wedding Proposal will have a beautiful and indelible Memory.

Where can I engage in Algarve?
There are so many incredibly beautiful places for a Surprise Proposal in Algarve, however there are some very important aspects to consider.

The time of the Surprise Proposal is an element to be taken into consideration. Algarve is a very touristic place and, if the Proposal is not made in the light of dawn, the most touristic places are to be avoided.

The surprise Photoshoot can also be made in the famous Benagil cave or São Rafael, Carvoeiro where the backgrounds are epic.

Being a native Algarve Photographer I will recommend places that will leave your partner breathless

Algarve surprise proposal LGBTQ+ friendly
It doesn't matter whether a woman, a man, straight, gay or lesbian does it. We celebrate love and as long as it is present we are always enthusiastic about it!

We are absolutely LGBTQ + friendly, do not hesitate to contact us !!
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